psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan

Nancy Phillips, MA, LPC, CBT
Lake Orion, Michigan

psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan
psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan










What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetic Analysis (BA) is a specific form of psychotherapy that is based upon the continuity between the body and the mind.

Bioenergetics helps to:

  • Gain an understanding of your mind-body connection
  • Release chronic muscular tensions
  • Explore new ways to deal with personal problems
  • Identify stressors, fears and other important emotions such as anger and anxiety
  • Learn new methods to help you sleep
  • Expand capacity for intimacy

psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan

Our total being (mind, body and spirit), is functionally one in its expression of our struggle to be a loving, fulfilled, autonomous person in this world. When the personality balance we have established is challenged or doesn't work in our relationships, we begin to feel anxious, compulsive, depressed or generally dissatisfied. We enter psychotherapy looking for ways to change. We slowly begin to understand that our present way of being in a relationship doesn't get us what we want. We discover that in order to survive in our family, we made costly compromises that have resulted in a life which now feels limited, constricted or unfulfilled. Bioenergetic psychotherapy becomes the safe haven where we can discover the parts of ourselves that were compromised. We explore the present day circumstances that trigger us into our compromised way of functioning and then learn to experience our truer self in our relationships and in the world.

In Bioenergetic psychotherapy, as we tell our life story and the problems that bring us into therapy, we begin to recognize that our current condition is directly related to our inability to expand and to feel new situations in our life. Our physical form and corresponding personality patterns are not flexible enough to integrate the excitation produced in changing situations. We are therefore unable to respond appropriately or in a fulfilling manner to our life's demands.

The therapist reads the body, resonates with its energy, feels the emotions, listens, hears and answers the words. Techniques are used which address the energetic aspect of the individual, including their self-perception, self-expression, and self-possession. These also include work with body contact, boundaries, grounding and the understanding of muscular tensions as indications of somatic and psychological defenses against past trauma.