psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan

Nancy Phillips, MA, LPC, CBT
Lake Orion, Michigan

psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan
psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan

















About Me

Your journey in life begins the day you are conceived. After that, you spend your adult years trying to make good choices.

When I was 20 my parents moved to Mexico City. After that I was left on my own to navigate life, often not making the best choices for myself. I began drinking and partying pretty hard.

At 22 I got married. Over the next couple of years I discovered that he was an addict and was cheating on me. I felt like a complete failure and he was more than happy to help reinforce that feeling. After only 2 1/2 years of marriage I came to realize that he was not going to change, so I filed for divorce. My self esteem was at its lowest point, which ultimately led me to seek counseling.

psychotherapist bioenergetics oxford michigan

I eventually re-married when I was 29. It was his third marriage and he had two children from his previous marriages. We were what is commonly referred to as a blended family. We were never able to have children together, which I still struggle with today. I am grateful for having my stepchildren in my life, but it hasn't been without its issues. Fighting over custody, going to court and driving them back and forth on weekends was all very stressful and often difficult. During this time I continued with weekly counseling sessions.

After 8 years of traditional "talk" therapy, I started to realize that it was not enough for me. So I began to explore other therapies and methods. Another counselor introduced me to Bioenergetics Therapy. Eventually I started to see real changes in my life which included my decision to stop drinking.

Through the help of counseling and open communication, we have learned how to balance family dynamics. I understand that it's never going to be perfect, but at least now I have the tools to cope with those uncomfortable times.

All of my experiences led me to enroll in night classes to earn my degree in counseling while I was simultaneously working full time at GM. As hard as it was to juggle, I loved it! Not only did it help me to continue to grow, it started to show me how I could help others who have had the same struggles that I had.

After completing my Associate's degree I continued on and earned my Bachelor's degree. When I retired from GM I concentrated full time on my Master's degree.

In 2008, I completed my Masters in Conseling Degree. It now gives me great pleasure to see the changes happening in others that took me so long to see in myself.

In 2015, I complete my requirements and was certified as a Bioenergetic Therapist.